Summary Notice of Privacy Practice
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Summary Notice of Privacy Practice


The Emmaus Institute, Inc. is required by federal law to provide a Notice of Privacy Practices (effective April 14, 2003 and posted just inside the front door of Emmaus) that describes how health information that we maintain about you may be used or disclosed. The Notice describes each use and disclosure that we are permitted to make and provides a description of your rights and our obligations under federal and state privacy laws.

We are permitted to use and disclose your health information under a variety of circumstances. Sometimes we must obtain your authorization before we use or disclose that information, but in other circumstances we may use your information without your authorization and without informing you of the use of disclosure. Some of the reasons that we may use or disclose your information include:
- To provide information about your health condition to others who may treat you;
- To provide information about the treatment that we provided in order to obtain payment from your insurance plan;
- To report domestic violence or criminal activity;
- To comply with a court order requiring the disclosure of your health information.

These examples are merely illustrative.

While the records that we maintain about you belong to us, under the federal privacy law you have a variety of rights about the information in those records. For instance, you have the right to access and get a copy of the health information that we maintain about you and to request that we amend any information that you believe in incomplete or incorrect. Also, you may request that we provide you with a list of each disclosure, if any, that we have made of your health information. All of these rights are subject to some exceptions that are described fully in the Notice.

We are required to provide you with our Notice of Privacy Practices and to abide by its terms. We may amend the Notice from time to time. All amendments apply retroactively.

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