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Curriculum - Emmaus School of Marriage


Part I: The Basics
Tension-free talking
Effective listening
Collaborative dialogue
Safe expression of anger
Safety receiving anger 
Part II: Advanced Skills
Fix-it Talk
Shared decision-making
Cleaning up after upsets
Conflict resolution
Augmenting love, support and joy 

Emmaus School for Marriage workhops are based on the book The Power of Two by psychologist Susan Heitler, PhD. and on Dr. Heitler's audio-tape Conflict Resolution for Couples.


Dr. Heitler, a leader in the field of conflict resolution for couples, integrates research on conflict from the business, legal, political and psychological realms with twenty years of clinical experience working with couples. Her ground-breaking books, audio tapes, and video serve as vital resources for therapists and lay people, nationally and internationally. 


Teaching methods


  • Learn by doing.
  • Self-disclosure of personal information not necessary.
  • Engaging exercises, skill-drills and games make this a participatory workshop.


Meeting times


Basic Workshop will meet on Wednesday Evenings,
Advanced Workshop will meet on Wednesday Evenings
- (Basic Workshop prerequisite for Advanced Skills) 7:00-8:30 PM


- Part I and Part II, 9 hours each
- Total workshop (Parts I and II) 18 hours
$270.00 per Couple for session, Part I
$540.00 per Couple for sessions, Part I and II.

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